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Black Owl Hemp clinic is a family owned and operated business with its primary storefront location based in the heart of Camden, TN. We strive to provide the highest quality CBD products on the market, along with insight and knowledge to alleviate common misconceptions and stigmas within today’s hemp industry.

Camden, TN:

235 Highway 641 N. Suite 1

Camden, TN 38320

(731) 213-2553

Judith Brown

I have chronic pain from RA. I have taken the 25 mg Delta 8 and I also love the Elite Relief!!!! The lotion is fantastic also!!!! I will continue to be a customer!!! Thank you so much! I can actually do the things I love to do now!!!

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Jack Gaiser

this place is great!! I have chronic sciatica and anxiety and the Delta 8 gummies have changed my life the people they are so friendly and very informative I highly recommend them!! and the gummies DO NOT have a horrible taste!!! A++

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Jay Sukhadia

When you walk into a facility, and feel the most welcome, this is the place! The staff is more than happy to assist you in any way possible. They are very knowledgeable with the products they carry, and they’re top quality I must say. 10/10! Stop by and see what they have to offer you!

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Bridget Ebeling

They are always pleasant and so helpful, always take time to answer questions. The products they suggested have been mom is not able to take most OTC and few Rx pain relievers due to medical conditions and the CBD product suggested for her hip fracture has worked amazingly well. My dad uses it as do I.....relief from daily pain.

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Maggie Lawson

Superior customer service, which is very rare these days. My husband and I stopped by to check out what they had to offer. We will definitely be back. Very knowledgeable, was able to answer any and all questions we had.

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Brianna Kuznik

GAME CHANGER! I'm a first timer with CBD and could not recommend Black Owl's products more! I appreciate that they're the highest quality products without artificial ingredients and the CBD has helped me SO much! Plus, who doesn't love supporting a small, family owned business?!

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Veronica Garcia

The owner is amazing. Their product is clean and smooth

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K. Spears

In pain. The people helped and we're very knowledgeable. Not like other places that sell CBD. I highly recommend!

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Austin Miller

My wife loves this place , keeps her happy keeps me happy 😊

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Leisa Tankersley

This is a awesome place with an amazing product. The people are always friendly and helpful. If you go once you will go back.

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Paula Vetrone

They were every helpful and answer my question

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Marti Jurak

Russ is an answer to our prayers! He asked questions regarding our needs; and, he listened intently. His professionalism and knowledge was remarkable! Upon following his advice and spending an enjoyable hour in his handsome store, we found positive results for our purchases. My back pain was nearly gone, and, I slept through the night for the first time in months! Black Owl will become a bi-weekly stop for us... Thank you, Russ!

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Marsha Taylor

Oh my gosh I love this place clean Great very informative. Products are great and has helped me such go please check it out

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Shawn Pickel

Awesome place, friendly staff, they are all very knowledgeable as well.

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john laughlin

Super clean, upscale place with a knowledgeable staff.

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Dawn Bennett

Very knowledgeable and helpful staff 👍

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Gemme McArdle

I went today to get something for anxiety and the guy was so very helpful and very informative. I totally recommend going here if you are looking into CBD products.

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Donny Pepp

Very informative and courteous service very friendly

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Kay Start

customer service is amazing!

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Ash McIn

Impressively excellent customer service, and great products too!

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Tiffany M.

Fast delivery and the raspberry gummiez taste amazing! 5 star review or 10/10 recommend. Y’all are the only ones I’ll be getting CBD products from.

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Shannon J.

Great products. Excellent customer service. Worth checking out.

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Monica A.

I would definitely recommend Black Owl. The store is very clean and sleek and the staff is wonderful. I have been purchasing products from them in store and online for months now and am very pleased with the service. The owners are extremely knowledgeable in all of their products. They like to get to know you and what results you are looking for and are able to recommend the best products for you. They offer different products based on your preference. They only carry high quality products and I have been very happy with all the products that I have purchased. I will definitely continue to purchase all my CBD products from Black Owl.

Marilyn K.

This is working for the pain in my feet and hands. I have horrible pain from Neuropathy and arthritis.

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Barbara N.

Love Black Owl CBD. Very helpful and very knowledgeable. Best tasting cbd oil that I have had.

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Bryan M.

I stopped by Blackowl CBD Clinic, when I was passing through. They have a very tasteful and sleek setup, and so many products for customers who prefer different methods of consumption. They have so much knowledge about what cbd is and it's benefits. The owners were very informative, and patient when answering my questions. They took as much time as I needed to feel confident with my purchase. I have since ordered from them online, and the service was almost like being there in person! The website was very modern and clean, easy to navigate and very informative. I have researched their products and everything they have available is high quality and very well respected by consumers all around the world. I will continue to order from Blackowl for all my cbd needs.

Lisa H.

The gummies really helped me with my vertigo and nausea. The staff is really educated and know how to help people. Thanks Black Owl!

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Kimberly K.

We were so excited for our order to come in and it came in just in time! I was extremely anxious and worried about graduation, but using the cartridge and the hard candies helped SO much! I was sort of skeptical at first if it would work, but it definitely did. My husband uses his cartridge throughout the day at work and has noticed a difference as well. They were extremely helpful in picking out products and all the products taste amazing as well.

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Stacey J.

I’m an online customer since I live out of state. My orders have always been processed and shipped promptly. I love that Black Owl CBD always encloses a personal hand written thank you with my order! I use the full spectrum CBD tincture 1000mg to help me sleep through the night! It’s worked wonders for me! No more waking up 3-4 times per night. Just some drops of CBD oil under my tongue and I’m good til morning!

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Tonya R.

I purchased some yesterday at the new Camden, TN location. I need something to help with sleep. The kind the ladies recommended worked great. I am very happy with what I bought. The 2 ladies working were also very nice. I will be back!

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Casey B.

I walked in and was immediately greeted and taken care of. The service here is fantastic! The staff are very knowledgable about CBD, they answered every question I had. The products are just as awesome as the people! Will definitely continue to shop with them!!

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