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CBD crumble

CBD crumble

Our terpene infused, CO2-extracted full spectrum CBD Crumble contains high levels of CBG, CBN & other cannabinoids for a strong entourage effect. 

Try incorporating this CBD Dab along with your favorite inhalable for a happy, relaxed state.

  • 800mg CBD / 200mg minor cannabinoids
  • Terpene infused / C02-extracted
  • Full spectrum
  • Matieral cultivated/Processed in USA 
  • Lab-tested 


CBD Crumble is concentrated CBD meant for dabbing or smoking. Made from full spectrum distillate infused with plant-derived terpenes, our Crumble is a great way to augment your current smoking ritual. We offer a wide array of terpene profiles from indica to sativa, and everywhere in between. 


Ingredients: CO2-Extracted Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, Plant-derived Terpenes.  



Forbidden Fruit | Indica

Gelato | Hybrid

Strawberry cough | Sativa 

Pineapple express | Sativa 

Maui-Wowie | Sativa 

Grape Ape | Indica