120MG Half Dozen Caramels
120MG Half Dozen Caramels


120MG Half Dozen Caramels

About The Caramel

We make our caramels with all organic and ethically sourced ingredients, along with many local ingredients as well. Our goal here is to ensure that we craft the highest quality caramel for our customers and that every life that touches or plays a role in the production of each hand picked ingredient, was

 treated with respect and paid a living wage, We also pay close attention to our impact on Mother Earth and always want to ensure that the impact is minimal.  

To make this short and sweet... we love good food and want to bring each of you a product that is not only beneficial to your everyday life but is also super tasty. We believe true consistency is best preserved when made in small batches. So, you will find that our products be it the caramel, or future endeavors we make in the industry will always have that high end, artisan taste and look.